Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Thomas Becket

Describe the state of the church in Chaucer's middle ages. The king's immediate successors paid little attention to the issue of division of power between church and state. Richard the Lion-Hearted spent his reign in France and on the Third Crusade to recover Jerusalem, and John was a tyrant who spent much of his time overtaxing and angering his subjects. But from time to time, the issue of who would control the judicial system of England resurfaced and other differences between church and state arose. It was not until the rule of Henry VIII that the struggles between king and pope were resolved.Henry VIII settled the issue by separating England from the Catholic Church altogether. â€Å"Thomas Becket. † IJXL Biographies. Detroit: 2003. Student Resources in Context. Web. 21 Nov. 2013. 16. What is the Magana Carta? What historical impact did it have? The Magna Carta (a Latin phrase meaning â€Å"Great Paper† or â€Å"Great Charter†) was originally an English docum ent issued in 1215. An army led by English barons forced King John (1167-1216) to sign it. The purpose of he document was to clarify the king's power over the barons, the church, clergymen, and the free people of certain towns.

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