Monday, July 22, 2019

Self-Driving Cars Are Smart Essay Example for Free

Self-Driving Cars Are Smart Essay The self-driving car is a car that allows a passenger to travel safely and quickly to their destination without human driving (Marsico, 8). These vehicles are also known as â€Å"autonomous cars†. If the self-driving cars are available, people are no longer had to worry about their own safety while driving on the road and also they don’t need a driver license. The drivers will have more freedom to do whatever they wish while inside the car including reading, texting, eating, and sleeping. The vehicle also can set up the speech limit that driver doesnt have to worry about when the police going to meet them. The self-driver cars are also can save our life because every year the new report accidents are caused on the road due to the human drive. â€Å"In 2009, the technology company Google began developing a fleet of a self-driving car. These vehicles are just stepping away from being totally autonomous. They already travel along U.S. roadways. Currently, people who ride in Google’s robotic cars are able to take control at any time† (Marsico, 29). Technology has changed the way we live in many ways, some including being able to communicate with people that we know around the world. It also made things a lot easier like homework and learning. As we can see today the car manufacturers continue to experiment with the new technology. The self-driving car is one of the cars that experiment with the car manufactures. The cars first may need a GPS system to get a rough idea of where they are and where they need to go (Marsico 18). They also have a bunch of sensors to constantly scan the area around them looking for any hazards- whether that another car or a bicycle, or even a rogue bird (Barone). For Google self-driving cars these sensors include a camera to see, and radar and lasers to map out the area (Barone). The self-driving car also monitoring 360 degrees around the car which much better than what a distracted driver could do (Stewart). Most important and challenging facet of self-driving cars is the software that makes them run (Barone). This has to take in all the data from the sensors and GPS and even things like traffic and weather conditions and make decisions based on that. It determines how to steer, stop, and go and everything else involved in getting you from point to point. According to the Katie Marsico said, â€Å"In fact, experts have suggested that self-driving automobiles might around 30,000 lives a year in the United State†. As we can see today some of the people are driving and always cause the accident. The car that we drive today is easy and many people can drive them. They become popular and help people to travel place to place, save time and energy. Workers are able to transfer some important things with the help of the car. Using a car is comfortable and easier than using public transportation. Driving a car has also some disadvantages, such as buying and running a car need a lot of money, even more for a good quality one that is not too old. There are a lot of things to pay for insurance to cover the cost of crashes or theft, maintenance, parking charges, license fees charged by the government, and repair. When too many cars try to go the same way, the traffic will go slow them all and may cause the accident. According to Watson said, â€Å"More than thirty –four thousand America lost their lives to automobile accidents each year†. The car accident is caused by human-made by a driver who is drunk, sleeps and distracted (Watson 46). If the self-driving becomes popular we may not see the accident because the car will do everything for us. The computer in the self-driving cars are don’t drink, send texts message or fall asleep. We don’t have to worry about keeping our eye on the road and in addition people can be more productive while traveling (Marsico 10). The car also can use the less gasoline because â€Å"fuel contributes to pollution this would benefit the environment too† (Marsico 38). The self-driving cars have also some disadvantages because when they are testing the self-driving car had run the red lights or been in a minor collision (Davies Para 1). I worry about a self-driving car made of the computer. If computer software got virus how can we do? For those who do not know how to use the computer how will they fix their car? It will cost a lot of money to let the shop fix. The amount of software and technology that’s required to build self-driving cars is likely to be quite expensive. Consumers may not want to pay such high costs for self-driving cars. According to Katie Marsico said, â€Å"The technology that makes the self-driving cars works will probably add between $3ooo and $10,000 to car prices† (Page 42). The car also can run on the computer if the hacker can decide that they like your car and can hack the system to unlock the doors to get inside or start the car and drive it away. They can also shut down your vehicle while it is driving you at high speeds and you end up in a fatal crash (Alex Hern Para 3). If the car can drive by them self we may not need the parking lots. Many people might get around with shared vehicles that never have to park (Barone). As we can see today millions of Americans make a living by driving trucks, delivery vans, and taxis. When the technology of self-driving cars takes their job, what will happen to their livelihoods? They depend on their paycheck and if the paycheck is no longer work, the person and his family often cannot afford to pay their living. The families will end up with losing a home and they cannot afford to move into another residence and will end up their life with homeless.

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