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Saladin The Divine Plan Of God Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3250 words

Saladin The Divine Plan Of God - Essay Example From this paper it is clear that the two armies met face to face and realizing the weakness of the Franks, Muslims had a hand to hand fight with the Franks (Lane-Poole 193). The thirst, burning sun and the smoke of the bush that Muslims had fired, made the Franks lose their sanity (Lane-Poole 194). In desperation to reach the lake for water, Franks neglected the combination with their knights and by doing so, lost their only chance to victory (Lane-Poole 194). The Saracens eventually attacked all of them and killed them and captured the rest (Lane-Poole 194). Many of the soldiers surrendered and even the knights begged Saladin to kill them instead of leaving them to live a torturous life (Lane-Poole 195). Also, it is believed that 30,000 Christians lost their lives in the battle, which is famously known as the battle of Hattin (Lane-Poole 198). This paper makes a conclusion that Saladin was one of the greatest Muslim warriors who unified the Muslim countries for the first time and br ought together all the Muslim armies and transformed them into one army. Saladin was successful in winning the Holy war against the crusaders and restoring the Muslim rule on the Holy Land. Among all of his achievements, the victory of battle of Hattin was one of his greatest, and it made clear that Saladin’s rule in Egypt and his conquest of the Holy Land was nothing less than the plan of God. Hence, it won’t be wrong to say that Saladin was not only the king of Egypt, but was also a hand of God. ... Shirkuh continued his service under Nur al-Din, who took over Aleppo (Lyons and Jackson 3). On the other hand, the troops of Damascus attacked and besieged Saladin’s father in Baalbek (Lyons and Jackson 3). Ayyub had no choice but to surrender on favourable terms as no help from force came to his rescue (Lyons and Jackson 3). Ayyub moved to Damascus with his family and started living there (Lyons and Jackson 3). However, in the year 1154, when Nur al-Din attacked the city, Ayyub helped him to victory by making the surrender of Damascus easy (Lyons and Jackson 3). Later, he joined Nur al-Din (Lyons and Jackson 3). It has been noted by the historians that as Saladin’s childhood was spent in Damascus, he was particularly fond of that place (Lyons and Jackson 3). Saladin’s childhood and character Saladin was highly educated human being and was more inclined towards studies than towards military achievements (Lyons and Jackson 3). It was observed that Saladin was not only good at academic subjects like arithmetic and law, but was also knowledgeable of the Quran and the cultural heritage of Arab traditions (Lyons and Jackson 3). Saladin had learnt the values, attitudes, emotions and essence of Arab by learning by heart the anthology of Arab poets called as ‘Hamasa’ (Lyons and Jackson 3). Saladin’s ambitions were very moderate as he never aimed for power or command (Lyons and Jackson 3). However, destiny had something else in store for Saladin. He was destined to enter Egypt and become its king. First expedition to Egypt It can be said that God had destined Saladin to become a king. It was in the year 1163 that the events that led Saladin to Egypt took place. Shawar, the deposed vizier of Egypt, arrived in Cairo to ask

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