Tuesday, August 27, 2019

The Role of Instruction in Second Language Acquisition Essay

The Role of Instruction in Second Language Acquisition - Essay Example The researches and scientific studies had probed dimensions of learning a second language and its effectiveness. It also has been an interesting field to explore for linguists. Many people contend with the stand that for the learning to be consummate, it had to be instructed the natural way; others dispute that the instruction of traditional methods in the classroom will provide a deeper understanding and comprehension of the language. The language that is the target to be learned is referred to as L2, and the acquisition; the second language acquisition is known as the L2A, or much better known as SLA. Formal instruction possesses a profound effect in the everyday endeavors of learners who are trying to gain fluency and mastery of a second language, so therefore, the rule of formal instruction in the process of learning a second language must be investigated and examined thoroughly. Moreover, it complements the best way to make instruction effective and helpful. Numerous studies have been carried out to investigate whether the ways of instruction alters the sequence of the learners’ acquisition, and also, whether the learners acquire the language in the way the naturalistic learners do. II. Instruction in Second Language Acquisition A. Theories About Second Language Acquisition One of the most emphasized concepts about second language learning is that some individuals are more inclined to learning a second language than other individuals. But there are factors to be considered before uttering such statements, such as age, motivation, ability, and socio-psychological factors.

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