Saturday, August 10, 2019

Automobile Assembly Line Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

Automobile Assembly Line - Essay Example Technology has made many tasks easier if not eliminated them all together. And, technology has redefined what 'work' is too many people. From farm operations to processing of the products the farms produce evidence of the impact of technology is clear. The technology available has change the way society operates. Society, in turn, has been reshaped by this technology. Society has then continued to develop technology to support its changes in the way it lives. 2. History and Development of the Moving Assembly Line. Many different versions of the assembly line were used throughout history. In recent history the assembly line was used to move meat from one station to another in the meat packing plants of Cincinnati, Ohio (USA). The meat packing plants in Chicago followed with suit by installing the system in their plants. These assembly lines were powered by overhead trolleys with chains. But, the most notable use of the assembly line occurred at Ford Motor Company in Michigan (USA). Ford first began using the assembly line in 1913. It allowed workers to learn one task in production of the auto and complete that task repeatedly as autos passed their station. The assembly line greatly increased the number of autos made at one time. Specialization of the workers meant that workers knew one part of the assembly really well and could repeat the task over and over with great speed. Ford's competition was left behind as Ford could produce more ve hicles at a lower price than its competitors. Ford also did not need as many employees to build an auto because the auto was no longer made all at one station but moved between stations with specialized assemblers at those stations. Ford had successfully implemented the use of the assembly line and created mass production of its product: the automobile. "Ford's famous Model T was assembled in ninety-three minutes."(About, History of Cars) Previously Ford had used a team approach that had a group all working at one station building the auto from beginning to end. Development of the assembly line continued and it became a widely used technology to build different products. The skills needed to build products were gradually transferred to mechanical devices on the assembly line. This skills transfer allowed the industry to hire lower skilled workers that were paid less than their skilled counterparts. This automation of the assembly line required less and less workers who controlled more and more specialized equipment along the assembly line. In essence, the assembly line and automation eliminated the need for most workers. 3. The Social Shaping of Technology. The social shaping of technology (SST) can best be explained as the development of technology to satisfy social needs. These are not needs in the sense of social relationships but rather the social needs to work, be profitable, live at a comfortable socio-economic level, etc. Using assembly line development as an example, this social shaping of technology began with an idea. Ford wanted to produce more cars but make them affordable so that people could, and would, buy them. Ford needed to remain profitable with an affordable product. Producing a car a day vs. a car every ninety-three minutes can have a big effect on profits. The assembly line gave Ford this opportunity. SST is all about choices that shape outcomes. SST offers negotiability to the technological process

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