Thursday, August 29, 2019

Perception about consumer behaviour with respect to the environmental Research Proposal

Perception about consumer behaviour with respect to the environmental issues, is there influence of the environment courses of - Research Proposal Example (Ayres, 2012) Over the period of time, consumers have become ethical in nature with their buying decisions mostly being affected through their ethics. Global consumers now understand the consequences of their actions more clearly due to availability of more information and globalization effects. Environmental as well as ethical issues which were initially not highlighted are now being highlighted and discussed in public to better inform the consumers. There have been serious discussions regarding consumers in developed countries buying such diamonds and consequently helping finance war in such war torn countries in Africa. Considering the overall improvement in the consumer perceptions and knowledge, this research will attempt to explore and understand as to whether the industry has an impact on the consumer behavior. This research will further explore the efforts undertaken to stop this process and the overall degree of success achieved in this regard besides exploring as to how it can be stopped and whether awareness should be raised about it or not. (Campbell. 2004.)Â   The overall rationale for choosing this topic is based upon the fact that diamond industry generates more revenues by selling less therefore the overall flow of funds through blood diamonds may be higher and can be used extensively to finance the war. Further, this research is also significant in the sense that it presents a real life example of how industry wide phenomenon can actually have an impact on the consumers and their buying decisions. Literature Review There are many countries within Africa which depend upon diamonds as one of the key source of economic progress and revenue. For such countries, the revenue generated by selling diamonds in international market can help them achieve economic development and progress. However, for some countries, the revenues generated through selling these diamonds are diverted towards the purchase of guns and ammunition to support the war in many A frican countries. The diamonds which are sold for the purpose of financing the war are called blood diamonds or conflict diamonds. (Campbell,. 2004) In the wake of development in the product development and technology, today’s consumers are faced with multiple choices to buy a large number of goods and services at relatively affordable prices. The variety as well as the prices therefore allowed consumers to buy large volumes of such products and services and resultantly their supply also depends upon how much demand is being generated in international market. (Fram, and Baron, . 2004) The overall history of blood diamonds originates from Sierra Leone wherein a group with the name of Revolutionary United Front (RUF) attempted to capture the diamond mines to fund their struggle to restore democracy within the country. However, this trend flourished in other countries also wherein warlords used it as a credible source for earning revenues to fund their war efforts. Diamonds are considered as luxury goods and buying them at higher prices often involve an uncompromising consumer behavior from the buyers given the luxury and degree of prestige attached with it. Over the period of time, this issue and ethics related with

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