Friday, November 1, 2019

Social Inequalities in US Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Social Inequalities in US - Essay Example John Adams fully comprehended the paramount principles of equal natural rights and he reckoned with the question with the inequalities in a constitution of a people. It was achieved through the careful institutional arrangement. However, Massachusetts’s citizens criticized and rejected the constitution that excluded Negroes, Indians and mulattoes from the state voting process. He realized the need to distinguish the nature’s unequal distribution of activity from the artificial inequalities that subverted the foundation of liberty and a people’s decency. Given the inevitable nature of inequality the statesman’s though was directed at reducing its effects and promoted the conversion of â€Å"natural aristocracy† to betterment of the society. This has greatly facilitated for awareness and fight for equality. Racism is less predominant among the Americans in recent times in comparison to earlier times. Earlier in the United States’ history, racis m resulted in African Americans being treated as second class citizens, and denied the rights to do many things including vote and go to school with white children and lived in slavery or servitude for a significant proportion of American history. There have been marked changes in the way that races have been treated as American history has progressed, and African Americans as well as other races are now legally considered equals to whites. This is evident by the recent election Barrack Obama, an African American as their 44th US president. His election on the contrary has not ended racism but has propagated its transformation However, a survey conducted by a prominent writer and educator at Harvard, wise, shows that 11 percent of the whites in America still are slaves of being racist, treating people differently because of their race. Another aspect of equality is the issue of class. People exist in different classes, such as those who are wealthy and the poor, and those who come f rom different social background. It is common for people of a higher class to consider themselves superior to others. For example, even in the present time, many people who have enough money to own a house and live well look down on people who are not able to do this, often refusing to associate with them. Nevertheless, class relations have become better throughout American history, as people of lower class are no longer treated as slaves or servants, and are no longer prohibited from knowing or marrying those of a higher class. The recent improvement of security improvement among the middle and low class has greatly equalized the social class problem. Martin Luther King, Jr. was one of the most profound civil right movement’s spokesmen and asserted for civil rights for African Americans on constitutional grounds. He emphasized on the legitimacy of the constitution in relation to the civil rights demonstrations. As the civil rights movement gained victory it revealed the vict ories in the terms of equality that were fought by the African Americans. Introduction of rights into the composition discourse is an example of a successful fight for equality to further develop racial equality by addressing literary issues. In the United States there has been a major improvement on issues regarding gender equality. Most women, in the 21st century, have benefited greatly from gender equality. Nevertheless some women still experience increased equality as a threat as imposing costs on them are augmenting. Post World War II has provided the necessity for

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