Monday, November 18, 2019

Academic writting Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Academic writting - Essay Example The challenge is that not everyone might know if they had experienced it. Anxiety can be described as a disorder that causes uneasiness, nervousness, worry and fear. It affects the way an individual feels and behaves towards everyday situation (DiMatteo et al. 2000). Learners often experience anxiety when confronted by a test or examination. Although anxiety is considered as normal, it can also be considered to be a problem when it brings symptoms such as lack of sleep or lack of ability to function normally. Anxiety occurs when a reaction to a situation becomes out of proportion or becomes overbearing for one to think or act normally. As a matter of fact, there are different types of anxiety. These include generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder anxiety and Social Anxiety Disorder. To begin with, generalized anxiety is a chronic disorder that is excessive, long lasting and tends to affect how the sufferer responds to life events on a daily basis. It causes an individual to worry about nonspecific everyday life situations. A sufferer suffering from this type of disorder would often worry about things that are related to health, money, family and work. The sufferer also finds it difficult in making decisions. The sufferer may not know how to identify the actual fear or know how to deal or control their worry about a nonspecific situation, therefore believing that they will fail in that given situation. It may be possible that the learner may have spent limited study time in the preparation for a test or examination due to work commitments or family responsibilities, this in turn will affect the mindset of the individual making them to believe that they are likely going to perform badly on the test or examination. Also, their mind and body turns a normal emotion as worry that usually motivates one to accomplish a task to a feeling of helplessness that does not allow the learner to get motivated about the exam instead creating panic. As adults, we

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