Friday, October 18, 2019

Representation of Crime in the Media Coursework

Representation of Crime in the Media - Coursework Example From the study it is clear that media fails to provide importance to minor crimes because the same is with less violence. For instance, the case of recently disappeared teenager named as Alice Gross out focused other minor incidents related violence. This discussion highlights that the media decided to conduct research on this incident and totally neglected other criminal incidents. When the viewers are in search of breaking news, minor crimes are totally ignored and violence becomes the focal point. These broadcasting groups are aware of the fact that reporting minor crimes cannot capture the attention of the viewers. When the viewers ignore minor crimes, rating and revenue from advertisement will go down. So, one can see that news on minor crimes is non-profitable and is the reason behind the exclusion of the same from broadcasting media. On the other side, printed media provides ample importance to the sensational aspect of unexpected incidents and totally ignores minor crimes. As regular readers depend upon printed media for detailed reading, ample importance is given to the details of crime and related violence. Besides, printed media prepares and publish cover stories related to certain incidents with violence and totally i gnore other stories with less violence. So, both the printed and visual media excludes minor crimes because the same is with less news value. The reporters create reports on incidents and add some unneeded information to create false impression that criminal instinct is increasing.

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