Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Godzilla Movie Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Godzilla - Movie Review Example However, at the same time, many critics claimed that Godzilla has not been up to the mark. The critical acclaim was posed against the production and cinematography. This makes it evident that modern version of Godzilla has covered the critical points to overcome critical acclaims. Most of the positive feedback that has been noted over the weeks is in terms of graphical work done for the film. Audiences have greatly enjoyed the audio and visual effects of the film. It is due to this reason that increased number of movie-goers made the film as a must watch. The film has been made with little emphasis on storyline and more action oriented. The rendering of action sequence is by far well done in this film which was not better in previous version of Godzilla (Edwards). Cinematography is yet another element of the film that has been able to gain a lot of attention. The main objective of films such as Godzilla is to make sure that their focused monsters are extremely horrible. This is exactly the case in the 2014th version of Godzilla where the monsters were given scariest look. Also, the ability of the heroic groups or the combating party was shown to be very less that rather increased interest of the audiences. It must be said that making the monster larger than life greatly worked for the film. In order to increase the intensity of damage that has been by the monster, the film’s production team made use of panoramic shots of the film that was damaged by the monster. Such details greatly made audiences to imagine the damage that could have been done in the real life by such monsters if they were real. One of the aspects that must be noticed is that the cast of the film is very interesting. The actors are fairly famous actors and actresses. However, the film storyline did not give much chance to the actors to play their respective roles with enhanced looks. Thus, it can be said that the film rather revolves around the monster

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