Monday, September 16, 2019

Judicial Study Guide

Name: Period: Date: AP Government Unit 2 (Judicial Branch) Study Guide Directions: Using your notes and Chapter 16 reading, answer the following questions. 16. 2 Outline the structure of the federal court system and the major responsibilities of each component How is the federal judicial system organized? What role does the federal judicial system play in contemporary American government? What limits are there on the interpretation of the law and the Constitution by federal judges? What powers do judges have to ensure that their rulings are enforced? 16. 3 Explain the process by which judges and justices are nominated and confirmed Do politics play a role in judicial appointments? How are federal judges selected? Should senatorial courtesy be abandoned—why, or why not? 16. 5 Outline the judicial process at the Supreme Court level and assess the major factors influencing decisions and their implementation Do dissenting opinions matter? Why is the doctrine of stare decisis important in our judicial system? How do court justices evaluate cases based on original intent of the Founders? 16. 6 Trace the Supreme Court’s use of judicial review in major policy battles in various eras of American history Explain the development of judicial review. 16. 7 Assess the role of unelected courts and the scope of judicial power in American democracy How well does the Supreme Court conform to the criteria for democracy? What changes would need to be made to make the Court more democratic? Would these changes have any impact on the effectiveness of the Court? DIRECTIONS: Look at the Chapter Test on pg. 498-499 of the textbook. Circle your choice for the correct answer on the questions listed below. 1. a b c d e2. a b c d e 3. True False5. a b c d e 6. a b c d e7. True False 9. a b c d e11. a b c d e 12. True False14. a b c d e 15. True False16. True False 19. a b c d e20. True False

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