Friday, September 13, 2019

Critique a Research Article Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 1

Critique a Article - Research Paper Example The author further puts forward questions for research regarding the symptoms that are associated with acute kidney injury. The author is trying to put forward that the nurses should know about acute kidney failure and the causes of it. The early signs should be detected by the nurses and they should intervene at the right moment to help it not progress towards end stage renal disease. The author gives the necessary signs and symptoms leading to it along with the steps that a nurse should take when intervening. Hypothesis The author proposes that acute kidney failure can be prevented by experienced nurses who have the necessary knowledge in intervening during the course of the injury. The author put forward a real case of a patient who developed acute kidney injury but she did not progress to chronic renal failure because the nurses intervened at the right time. Evaluation Author provides a literature review by highlighting the main points of acute kidney injury and the mechanisms in volved. She further uses research to strengthen her hypothesis. The author has used recent literature review to prove her hypothesis and she has complemented the research with a real life example of a patient suffering from Acute Kidney Failure. I believe that the article in all ways is relevant to the current health issues and problems faced by nurses in handling such cases. The mortality rate of the patients with acute kidney injury have increased in the recent past and such an intervention as laid down by the author can certainly decrease the risk and help in decreasing the mortality rate as well. Â   The author has utilized a case study as she already has selected a patient and the nurses have intervened at the right time to avoid the serious consequence of chronic renal injury. The sample selected for this article was only one and it was in co-relation with the topic as the author selected an individual with the injury only. The sample was hence appropriate for the research ar ticle. This work has been crafted by the author by selecting an individual who seemed to be suffering from the disease that the article is referring to. The author has made this research more practical by laying down the nursing intervention techniques. I believe that is practical and applicable in the real world because the nurses can play a great role in intervening of the progress of acute kidney injury to chronic and avoid mortality. The author has emphasized on the role of nurses to understand the risk factors and diagnostic criteria for acute kidney injury. The relevant nursing assessment that is required to be done on the patients has been emphasized by the author. These factors would help nurses to identify the patients who are at risk of developing acute kidney failure. I believe, the application of this research in the real life is possible only if nurses are trained to handle such cases. However, in this research only one such case was analyzed by the author and hence it cannot be concluded with certainty that it would be applicable to all cases in different situations. Moreover the author does not include training programs for the nurses to carry out the relevant intervention with the patients who are suffering from the disease. I believe that the nurses should be trained properly along with the knowledge of the intervening techniques when it comes to the patients of acute kidney

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